Animal Rescue on a Limited Budget? The Maine Pet Expos Offers Several Options!

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A member of our Facebook group ( just asked how a rescue could get involved and have a booth at one of our Pet Expos, even though they have very limited budgets. 

Here’s my answer:

There are several ways. First, I do want to point out that the standard 6’d x 8’w booth is $249 for the two days, and the over-sized 6’d x 12′ wide is $329 for the two days. (These come with full pipes, drapes, tables, chairs, etc.)

While those prices are a lot less than home shows and business expos charge, I know they’re still too expensive for most rescues that operate on a shoestring and depend on volunteers.

So here are some options:

a) we will give a rescue an over-sized booth for $149 (that’s less than half of what everyone else will pay),

b) we’re assuming that could still be a bit too expensive, so we’re willing to help you find a kind soul or organization that will sponsor you by paying that $149 for the rescue,

c) if the booth is paid in full during our Early Bird Rate, which ends June 30th, it’s only $126.65,

d) we have “Non Profit Resource Tables” that are absolutely no-frills: no linens, no pipes & drapes… just a 6 foot table and a couple of chairs; the space is about 4′ deep by 8′ wide… the cost is $95, or $80.75 during the Early Bird rate period,

e) we have a Designated Non-Profit RFP that animal rescues and other non-profits can apply for, with one organization getting a free booth with full pipes and drapes, etc. The Pixel Fund was awarded that designation last year,

f) we have a very limited need for volunteers, and will donate $10 per hour of approved volunteer time to the exhibiting non-profit of their choice (The Pixel Fund got a few dollars out of that last year, too).

Another option is to come up with an idea that could help us mitigate our own costs, or would be an even exchange for expenses we already have planned… for example, if you owned a newspaper and could give me free advertising (with money I was already planning on spending), in exchange I would donate that money to the (exhibiting) non-profit or rescue of your choice.
We’re more than willing to be creative, as long as we can make a living at the Pet Expos and other events we’re doing!

If you love animals the way we love animals, we hope you’ll get involved with The Maine Pet Expos. 

This year (2013), we will produce two pet shows, the Greater Androscoggin Pet Expo on September 21-22 (note new dates!) at the Lewiston Armory on Central Avenue and the Greater Bangor Pet Expo on October 19-20 at the new Cross Insurance Conference Center in the old Bass Park Complex.

FMI:  Please join our discussion group on Facebook at, and “like” our page:

For exhibit booth, sponsorship, show program advertising, workshops, Designated Non-Profit, and volunteer information, please contact Linda at LSnyder (at) regroupbiz (dot) com.  You can also find information on these two sites: and

We’re also working on a non-profit to raise funds for animal rescues – AARF – Animal Activist and Resource Fund.  You can read more about AARF at

We foster dogs through two rescue organizations (Maine Lab Rescue and The Pixel Fund), and collect donations for several rescues.  For more information on either of these efforts, please contact Linda at LSnyder (at) regroupbiz (dot) com.

Welcome to our world!

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